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Membuat Robot dengan LEGO Mindstorms

robot legoBuilding your robots is, or course, only half the fun! Getting them to run using the RCX brick is what distinguishes MINDSTORMS robots from ordinary models created with LEGO bricks. Some of the robots in this book will use the programs that come hard-wired into the RCX brick. Many of them will use unique programs that the authors have written specifically for their robots.

robot serangga

The Bug is a simple, differential-drive robot that was originally built to compete in a MINDSTORMS robot competition. The goal for the competition was to create a two-wheeled vehicle capable of navigating a figure-eight-shaped course. That original Bug was quite different from the one shown on the previous page. It didn’t have a bumper, and the light sensor was mounted on a spar that extended from the front of the robot. The sensor was used to track a wide black line that ran down the center of the path the robots were to follow. Unfortunately, the Bug was disqualified when the contest director decided to allow only robots with a “bicycle-style” wheel configuration to enter the competition. As is the fate of most LEGO robots, the Bug was disassembled, its pieces returned to the parts bin.


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