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Memahami XML

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a data storage toolkit, a configurable vehicle for any kind of information, an evolving and open standard embraced by everyone from bankers to webmasters. In just a few years, it has captured the imagination of technology pundits and industry mavens alike. So what is the secret of its success? Continue reading


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Membuat Robot dengan LEGO Mindstorms

robot legoBuilding your robots is, or course, only half the fun! Getting them to run using the RCX brick is what distinguishes MINDSTORMS robots from ordinary models created with LEGO bricks. Continue reading

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Web-Based Education (WBE)

Technological advances in telecommunications combined with Web-enabled technologies have created a new technology known as “Internet Communications Technologies (ICT) & Teaching Technologies.” This new technology has changed the concepts of education. Continue reading

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